Sunday, December 30, 2007

Familytreemaker 2008

After Christmas is over now I can go back to my genealogy. I got the newest version of Familytreemaker 2008 and the interface looks really good. I do like the layout and how it shows the main personal information, pictures (media) and ancestry tree and name list. My biggest problem is the relationship calculator which can be found under the tool option in the menu. But it doesn't work right. I tried it with Etha and one of her cousin Bill Simien and it shows them as 5th cousin. Well in the relationship report it shows them as 3rd cousins once removed. Although 5th cousin is true but it's not the closest kinship. In my other program (Legacy that I use as my main genealogy program) it shows them correct as 3rd cousin once removed, 4th cousin once removed and 5th cousin. Until this problem is fixed I will not even consider using Familytreemaker 2008 although I do like their layout as I had mentioned before. But anyway I'm waiting for the new version of Legacy 7 which I think should be out in Spring of 2008.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We have a new cat

After our cat Lars abandoned us at the begin of November while we were in New York, Etha couldn't stand the catless house anymore and had to get another one. So today she brought "Hansi". He has white feet and a white nose.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I-10 Open again

Finally they capped the well and Interstate 10 is open again since Sunday night. Port Barre and Krotz Springs can go back to sleep.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Interstate 10 still closed

Interstate 10 between Lafayette, La and Baton Rouge is still closed due to a well blown. Will be closed at least until Wednesday, maybe longer. Opelousas, Port Barre and Krotz Springs will have a little windfall.
Interstate 10 zwischen Lafayette, La und Baton Rouge ist immer noch gesperrt wegen eines Feuers in einem Bohrloch. Bleibt mindestens bis Mittwoch gesperrt, eventuell auch laenger. Opelousas, Port Barre und Krotz Springs koennen einen Gewinn verbuchen da der Verkehr ueber die Interstate 49 und Hwy 190 umgeleitet wird.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I 10 closed at least through Sunday

Because of a well blowout Interstate 10 between Lafayette, La and Baton Rouge is closed at least until Sunday evening. Traffic through I 49 and Hwy 190 is heavy.


Don't forget today is election day.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Legacy Genealogy Software

The current version for Legacy is 6.0. Version 7 is in the works and should be out soon (whatever soon means). Legacy is my favorite genealogy software. The are working and different language versions and I'm trying the German beta version out and I really like the option to print reports in English or German. A link to their website can be found at my website:

Georgia Death Certificates online

Georgia's death certificates from 1919 - 1927 are online now. Images of the records are copyrighted and free for personal and educational use. Details see at: